Project popularity

Rank Project name Project status Short description
1 SETI@Home Production Look for radio evidence of extraterrestrial life
2 World Community Grid Production Runs multiple sub-projects that focus on humanitarian research including HIV/AIDS, cancer, dengue fever, malaria, or developing more nutritious rice and affordable clean energy.
3 Rosetta@Home Production Help researchers develop cures for human diseases
4 Einstein@Home Production Search for gravitational signals emitted by pulsars
5 WUProp@Home Alpha
6 MilkyWay@home Alpha MilkyWay@Home tries to study the gravitational potential of the Milky way.
7 Climate Prediction Production Study climate change
8 Asteroids@home Alpha
9 PrimeGrid Beta Search for mega primes and special form numbers
10 LHC@Home Production Improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator
11 Collatz Conjecture Alpha Do research in mathematics, specifically testing the Collatz Conjecture also known as 3x+1 or HOTPO (half or triple plus one).
12 yoyo@home Beta yoyo@home brings existing distributed computing projects to the BOINC world using the BOINC Wrapper technology.
13 Cosmology@Home Alpha Search for the model that best describes our Universe and find the range of models that agree with the available astronomical and particle physics data.
14 Universe@Home Production
15 POGS (theSkyNet) Alpha
16 Moo! Wrapper Alpha Brings together BOINC and distributed computing worlds. Allows BOINC users to participate in the RC5 Project, that measures a test phrase encrypted with RC5 algorithm against a brute force method.
17 Enigma@Home Alpha Try to decipher an original message sent via the Enigma in WW2.
18 SETI@Home Beta Beta Test project for SETI@Home
19 Citizen Science Grid Alpha
20 NFS@Home Alpha Do the lattice sieving step in the Number Field Sieve factorization of large integers.
22 GPUGRID Alpha Do full-atom molecular dynamics simulations and other scientific applications.
23 VGTU project@Home Alpha
24 SRBase Alpha
25 Quake Catcher Network Alpha Do research in seismology. Needs an accelerometer built in to your laptop or added as USB device.
26 NumberFields@home Alpha
27 POEM@HOME Alpha POEM@Home (Protein Optimization with Energy Methods) researches protein structures.
28 TN-Grid Alpha
29 Leiden Classical Production Help to build a Desktop Computer Grid dedicated to general Classical Dynamics for any scientist or science student.
30 vLHCathome Alpha
31 Amicable Numbers Alpha
32 ATLAS@Home Alpha
33 DistributedDataMining Alpha Performs research in the various fields of Data Analysis
34 SIMAP Production Protein sequence comparison to support manifold biological research
35 Albert@Home Alpha Applications are experimental, might be unstable, unreliable, may even damage your computer. Validation might be unreliable and we may cancel workunits without prior notice. If you care about credit, this project is certainly not the right one for you.
36 Primaboinca Alpha
37 Grid computing center Alpha
38 DENIS@Home Alpha
39 The Lattice Project Beta Like WCG, Lattice is a master project for different projects in the field of Bioinformatics.
40 Malaria Control Production Simulate Effects of Malaria and its Control. (We are not really to find a cure, e.g. by looking for new drugs)
41 FreeHAL Alpha Parse and convert big open source semantic nets for use in FreeHAL.
42 YAFU Alpha
43 RNA World Alpha RNA (Ribonucleic acid) related research
44 SZTAKI Desktop Grid Production Find generalized binary number systems up to dimension 11
45 DrugDiscovery@Home Alpha Model the behavior of leading compounds that could be developed into new medicines.
46 XANSONS for COD Alpha
47 Docking@Home Beta This project aims to further knowledge of the atomic details of protein-lig and interactions and, by doing so, will search for insights into the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals.
48 QMC@Home Beta A project designed to further develop the Quantum Monte Carlo method for general use in Quantum Chemistry.
49 Bitcoin Utopia Alpha
50 Gerasim@Home Alpha
51 Constellation Alpha
52 MindModeling@Home Beta Research focuses on utilizing computational cognitive process modeling to better understand the human mind.
53 SAT@home Alpha
54 WEP-M+2 Project Alpha Factorization (number theory) of Mersenneplustwo numbers using the WEP algorithm
55 DistrRTgen Production The intent of the project is to generate rainbow tables which are freely distributed. The tables we produce are used by many big companies in their forensics works and penetration tests to improve their security.
56 ODLK Alpha
57 BURP Alpha Render 3D animations
58 Acoustics@home Alpha
59 Stop@home Alpha
60 FiND@Home Alpha
61 Gridcoin Finance Alpha
62 OProject@Home Alpha
63 EDGeS@Home Alpha EDGeS creates a connection between volunteer computing and service grids. Currently hosts the ISDEP - Integrator of Stochastic Differential Equations in Plasmas - application.
64 CAS@HOME Alpha
66 eOn Alpha
67 SLinCA Alpha
68 AlmereGrid Boinc Grid Alpha Aims to perform specific research on how a heterogeneous Grid can interconnect and use non-central computer resources from individual participants and companies.
69 Rioja Science Alpha
70 RALPH@Home Alpha Test project for Rosetta@Home
71 123Numbers Alpha
73 AlmereGrid TestGrid Alpha
74 ABC@home Production This project tries to find abc triples related to the ABC conjecture.
75 Duchamp Sourcefinder Alpha
76 LHCathome-dev Alpha
77 SubsetSum@Home Alpha
78 Sudoku@vtaiwan Alpha Develops new techniques and use them to modify the program Checker in order to reduce the computation time needed to solve Sudoku.
79 Correlizer Alpha
80 Universe@Home Test Alpha
81 Beta Alpha Test project for
82 Donate@Home Alpha
83 RakeSearch Alpha
84 Najmanovich Research Group Alpha
85 BMG@Home Alpha
86 nanosurf Alpha
87 Climate@Home Alpha
88 Volpex Alpha
89 RSA Lattice Siever (2.0) Alpha Help factoring projects such as mersenneforum or XYYXf achieve their academic goals. This project has a doubtful reputation!
90 Beal@Home Alpha
91 Climate@Home v1 Alpha
92 Wildlife@Home Alpha
93 Physics Alpha
94 SimOne@home Alpha
95 iGEM@home Alpha
96 BealF@Home Alpha
98 Alpha Aid in the rendering of complex resource demanding animations.
99 Pirates@Home Alpha Test project for 'Interactions in Understanding the Universe'.
100 Neurona@Home Alpha
101 Plagiarism@Home Alpha
102 USPEX@home Alpha
103 Spinhenge@home Beta The research of the physical characteristics of nano-magnetic molecules.