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Mein irdischer Name ist Jennifer Michaela. Ich habe mich schon vor einiger Zeit reinkarniert und in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft von Heidelberg niedergelassen. Ich bin leicht BOINC- und tablettensüchtig und ziehe von daher mit einer kleinen Armee von acht Androiden und einem Notebook als Kommandozentrale in die Schlacht um Punkte und Ränge :cheer:
My civil name is Jennifer Michaela. I was born (or reincarnated?) a couple of years ago and settled down in the neighbourhood of Heidelberg (Germany). I'm slightly addicted to BOINC and tablets and therefore I'm going into battle for credits and ranks with a tiny army of eight androids and a notebook as command center :cheer:

Europe >>> SILESIA (Schlesien) >>> BRESLAU
I am a 37 year old father of 4 children. My family is nicely balanced with two boys and two girls.

I am an RF Engineer working for a Commercial/Government based company in the central United States.

"Aprentice of Everything, Master of Nothing"
Gamer and Anime lover for ever.
Edgar Arturo Yepes Perez
Soy Químico Farmacéitico,espacializado en farmacia clínica, soy de Barranquilla-Colombia, tengo 53 añoa de edad, soy casado, tengo 2 hijos, estuidian 5y4 semestre de Arquitectura en la Universidad del Atlántico de donde soy egresado Me dedico a la docencia universitaria y docencia en bachillerato,Soy dirtector Tecnico de una clínica. Soy lector y me gusta estar en la computadora actualizandome.
Name: Eli
Location: Scotts Valley, CA
Age: 25
Evil Conservative Republican
I'm a mother of two, one daughter and one son. I'm disabled with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - I own and run an email based support group for the same conditions. Hobbies are MMORPG's, crocheting, needlework, beadwork, and animals. Have 12 ferrets, 3 cats, and one dog. Let's just say I'm never bored. :)
I'm a 50 years old german scientist working as a project manager in a software company. In my spare time I'm growing roses in my garden, and occasionally I go out for mountain climbing in the alps.
EvE Robocopter
Well. I just wish I would find E.T. evidence.
love playing 'EvE Online' on my main computer.
I play Badminton weekly, so I'm fairly fit middle aged guy.
Well, I'm a Stats follower, and like moving up the tables as I have 2 computers crunching with 2 GPU's mass crunching too, and a little laptop (may well upgrade that soon(tm)).
Hello there! I don't have much to say about myself, other that i'm a big fan of the FF games. I decided to join some of those projects cause i tought they might really help every one of us.
I'm From Italy, 22 years old, don't have a job yet, but i seriously intend to join an University to study.
Eduardo A. Palmeyro
Soy Analista de Sistemas, me gusta la informatica y lo que se puede lograr con ella. Me gusta programar los equipos de computacion, ya sean grandes o pequeños y me gustan mucho los desafios. La investigacion me fascina y por ello participo de estos proyectos.
Emre Evren
Kocaeli \ TURKEY
Industrial Engineering MSc student at University Of Sakarya
Quality Systems Representative at Me-Ka Ltd (Asidatamyte and LMI Corp. distributor)
C. Ron 'Daemon' Jobs

The perfect 24/7-Full-Time-Penalty-Giver. Precise, fast and absolutly no regret.
No conversation, no argumentation, all messages will be ignored.
KIkou !!

Cédrik en France !!!
Hi there,

I distibute my ressources because my computers are mostly just for office use. So the quadcores and gpu cores do not have anything to do at all. So why dont give this unused power to something worth working on.

Currently i participate in a BOINC-Race with the Electronic Sports Leagues-DC-Team.
So i dont choose my projekts myself.

My favorite projekt is the "rosetta@home" projekt.

HF nd GL!
I´m from Germany, Bavaria, 33 Years old and fascinated with the possibilities of BOINC and helping in curing diseases.
And also i´d like to get high in Stats :-)
One of my Hobbies is my BOINC Farm, another is DJing.
If you are interested in Pics from my Farm, send message.
Calcule pour L'Alliance Francophone, la Science et le Fun ...
Webmaster of EVE-Odessa FanSite
M.Sc. RWTH Computer Science from Aachen, Germany
-> Computer networking passionate :beer::beer:
-> Product Manager for Cloud & Management Systems @ a secure networks company nearby ;)
I could put a white, interesting, self-bio in here...

But I like a mystery... And pizza...
...Mainly Pizza.
Compute your dreams. That's all you have to do.
Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Tokyo Japan
Im from Munich/Germany and trying to do some productive work on my Mac (Y)
Emil Boström
Emil Boström 35 år och klimatkämpe, jobbar på Volvo personvagnar med bränsleförbrukning, är aktiv moderat som satt koldioxid mål för Göteborg och även för nationella koldioxid mål.
Elisio Físico

Encon Safety Products:

Cal - Development Engineer
Eric - Graphic Designer/Photographer
Hello world, I'm an engineer on Environmental Protection - Waste Water Treatment Process Engineer.
I'm so excited to participate in this group.
Thank you.
Hi, I first started crunching for WCG in 2006 and it has progressed from there. I prefer the Biology and Earth Science projects, but I also do most other projects too. I am part of Team AMD Users

Galaxy: Milky Way
System: Solar
Planet: Earth
Country: Russia
City: Samara
Hobby: Computer science
-=Anything else=-
PhD student in Physics, working at CERN. LHC@home is my main priority, but it is always idle :( Considering to learn how to use this myself, Eric who is one of the main users sits just across the hall from me... :)
My name is Eugeen A. Katkovsky. I was born on June, 9th, 1948 in Moscow, Russia.
Higher education, the Moscow Power institute in 1972 has finished. In 1975 I have defended the dissertation on a subject "Accidents on an Nuclear Power Station".
In 1986-1987 I participated in accident liquidation on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.
Now I the general director of firm "Energoautomatika". My firm designs and makes control systems for traditional and Nuclear Power Stations (see: ).
I as am the president of the first in Russia Lions-club "ÐœOSCOW-CENTRUM".
The motto of lions - "We Serve", therefore I take part and in the Distributed Computations!
I the member of team "Russia".
Erbx Ghis
I'm a father of three girls. I love computers (Network Security) and science. Especially Physics (quantum mechanics, string theory, m theory, etc,), Cosmology, Astronomy, Exobiology, Nanotech. of all sorts, and Paleontology to name a "few". Obviously I do A LOT of reading!
Typical cosmology geek.
Coordinateur des recherches sur la dette écologique au CADTM
Deutschland, MV, Rostock, 1957
I am a Digital Artist / Retoucher in Los Angeles, California. The love for science and the possibility of ETs (and the Science Channel) has drawn me to BOINC, so needless to say, hopefully, I can be the one that discovers the ET signal that we've all been waiting for.
Emglare Technologies
Emglare Technolgies is an international company that focuses on Web and Mobile Apps Development. Company originates in Central Europe - Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Swedish computer science student
Earl Fitzgerald
Life is good! Let's find more of it.
EVGA DC Captains
A Fellowship of All Walks of Life Looking to Improve Our Communities' Future One Byte at a Time...
Team founder of the BOINC team "My Tiny Androids Army" (Administrative Account)

I am Empyress, and I love helping out Where I can!

I am hoping to become a future electrical engineer, but who knows what I'll be doing in the future? I'm extremely young.

Aquariums, Computers, and hillsides reside in my dreams.
Elias Galveas
Math and Phisics teacher for 25 years.
It's personal.
Pensioner, Mannheim-Germany, SETI-User since ~ 1990